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Google's March 2023 Core Algorithm Update: How to Adapt Your SEO Strategy

Google has released its first broad core update of the year, targeting all content types in all regions and languages to promote high-quality or high-value web pages. While nothing within this update targets specific pages or sites, some experts speculate that it will cause the most considerable upset for the black-hat SEO community.

The rollout of the update could take up to two weeks, and the full impact on marketers is not yet known. However, practitioners should monitor metrics, assess and ensure quality content, and optimize technical SEO to prepare for potential changes.

Marketers should closely monitor their site's metrics, especially around the end of March/April when the update is complete. If they see any drops, they should consider performing a content audit and assessing against competitor content to ensure they offer valuable and comprehensive information.

Google places a lot of weight on quality content, and with this update, it's essential to focus efforts on ensuring high-quality content. Marketers can use Google's resources to create people-first content and self-assessment questions to check the content's value.

Optimizing technical SEO is also crucial, as Google looks at site structure, load speed, and mobile optimization when ranking. Marketers should check their website's loading speed, identify and fix broken links, find and fix crawl errors, ensure their website is mobile-friendly, find and fix orphaned pages, and add structured data to improve their website's technical SEO.

While the lasting impact of this update is still unknown, marketers should follow this action plan to prepare for potential changes and ensure their website is of high quality and optimized for search engines.

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