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See the results our team at Raqmi has achieved for our clients with our proven growth marketing strategies. 

Hussein Technical University, established in Amman by the crown prince foundation with the sole mission of bridging the gap between the number of graduates and their rates of employment in the technical field.

Challenge: HTU aimed to increase its admissions by leveraging digital channels effectively. The challenge was to not only attract potential students but also influence their decision-makers, primarily parents, within a competitive educational landscape


Objective: Develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that targets both students and their parents, ultimately driving admissions and achieving full enrollment efficiently.

Results: The 1st university in Jordan to close it admissions for the session 2023/2024. 

  • 50% of the allocated budgets were utilized

  • 42% under CPA (Cost Per Action) goals

  • 120% admission goals achieved

HTU Logo-250px_edited.png

Lisan AI is a deep tech company bridging the gap between global AI advancements and underrepresented languages and regions, starting with Arabic and the MENA region. Lisan AI products feature institutional spelling and grammar checker, specialized generative AI models, monitoring, and analytical tools, all powered by its in-house technology.

Challenge: Lisan reached out to us to enhance their overall online presence and increase number and quality of their Saas products conversions.

Objective: We aimed to significantly enhance Lisan AI's online presence and amplify their SaaS product conversions. We implemented a growth marketing strategy tailored to Lisan AI's unique positioning and objectives. This strategy encompassed a multifaceted approach, incorporating advanced SEO techniques, targeted Google Ads campaigns, and dynamic social media marketing efforts to bolster Lisan AI's visibility across digital platforms and facilitate its expansion into new markets.

Results: All time-high website traffic achieved, and overall online viability increased which resulted in increasing the number of conversions.

  • Top ranking for high traffic keywords was achieved.

  • Quality and number of conversions increased.

  • Referring domain increased by 40%

  • Marketing process automation.

lisan logo.png

Alef Education

Alef education is an education technology platform provider based in the United Arab of Emirates, Alef provides one of the leading AI-Based K-12 education technology for smart learning experiences for students, teachers, and parents in the UAE, USA and Canada.

Challenge: Alef sought after our team to help them improve their search engine optimization and we were able to assist them in their main strategic initiatives.

Objective: Growth Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, User Journey Mapping, User Experience and Touch Points.

Results: The overall website authority score increased by 18 points which resulted in:

  • Top ranking was achieved for high traffic keywords 

  • Top 10 results for +20 high traffic keywords

  • Website traffic and online visibility increased 

  • Referring domains increased by 60%

  • Marketing process automation and tech integrations

alef logo_edited.png
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